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Up until the mid 19th century, coal mining was carried out by local land owners on a relatively small scale. The land owners would own and run the pit or lease it out to other business men. After this time until 1946, large groups that were mainly ironmasters took over the mines. Thus, deep mines were being sunk and were becoming extensive. On 1st, January 1947 all collieries were nationalised under the body of the NCB (National Coal Board). A large capital investment was given to the North Staffordshire coalfields. As a result miners health and working conditions improved. The NCB was dissolved in 1994. The remaining authority is called the Coal Authority. All mines are now in private ownership.

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Butty system Butty system: The coal miners were not directly employed by the owners but by a contractor, called a "Butty".
Group owners Group owners: From 1870 onwards, the industry changed from a large number of small owners to a few, relatively large groups.
NCB NCB: On 1st January 1947 the coal industry became wholly nationalised under the body of the National Coal Board.
The war years The War years: The government took control of the mines during the War years .