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This web site has been researched, designed and created by Aileen Tong as part of her MScIT course at Keele University.


Mr. William Jack - provided the bulk of the photographs used from his "William Jack collection" which he contributed to Keele University.

Mr. Jim Worgan - provided photographs from his "Jim Worgan collection" which he contributed to Keele University, and also provided help to the web site developer to understand coal mining techniques.

Fred Leigh - author of "Mining Memories", from which many photographs were used.

The Coal Authority, The Potteries Museum & The Sentinel, provided photographs.


* BBC Radio Stoke - Record Office.

* Hanley Library - where the BBC audio tape is deposited.

All of the contributors listed above allowed their resources to be used free of charge for this project.

Thanks also to:

Andy Holt from Staffordshire Learning Net for giving the developer the opportunity of this placement, and support whilst working on such an interesting, worthwhile project.

Martin Phillips and Helen Burton at Keele University for their help in providing major resources and contacting copyright owners.

Dr. Chris Johnson at Keele University for his guidance throughout this project.