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 Audio Content

You can listen to the audio programmes below about coal mining in North Staffordshire in real time (no need to wait for files to download). Sourced from BBC Radio Stoke.

Pit boy: Reuben Cope of Bentilee is recalling his days as a boy miner fifty or so years ago. (Broadcast on 30/06/1974, duration: 14:45)  

Working conditions for children: Denis Stuart introduces the survey of conditions for child labour in the Potteries area in the middle of the 19th century.   (Broadcast on 02/04/1969, duration: 25:21)  

Minnie Pit disaster: Survivors talk about the worst disaster in North Staffordshire mining history which occurred in 1918.  (Broadcast on 07/01/74, duration: 13:02)   

Visiting Florence Colliery: Lloyd Boardman and Harry Goode are talking about coal from Florence Colliery.  (Broadcast on 02/11/1974, duration: 23:28)  

Pit pony: John Getgood with Harry Burton who worked as an ostler at Foxfield colliery talk about ponies working underground.  (Duration: 4:00)

Finding out about coal: Bill Sweeney and Silverdale Colliery manager - John Belcher look at the history of coal mining locally. (Broadcast on 13/11/1984, duration: 18:12)

Going down Chatterley Whitfield: A trip down the Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum.  (Broadcast on 20/11/1980, duration: 18:48) 

Modern working conditions 1: Bill Sweeney and John Belcher see how modern miners work.   (Duration: 18:08)

Modern working conditions 2: Bill Sweeney and John Belcher see how modern miners work.  (Broadcast on 05/12/1980, duration:18:56)  

How coal was mined: Bill Morland and Gordon Astley talk about the various ways in which coal was mined in this area in past centuries.  (Broadcast on 30/01/1975, duration: 19:15)  

Methods of mining: Bill Morland and Gordon Astley talk about past and present mining techniques.  (Broadcast on 13/02/1975, duration: 19:54) 

The dangers of underground mining: Bill Morland talks to Gordon Astley about some of the hazards of underground coal-mining.  (Broadcast on 13/03/1975, duration: 18:08)  

Coal production and uses: Bill Morland and Gordon Astley talk about production of coal and some of its many uses.  (Broadcast on 27/10/1975, duration: 20:30)