Staffordshire People

Photograph of a besom maker on Cannock Chase, 1892Staffordshire is associated with many notable figures who have contributed to the shaping of its history over the centuries. They represent many areas of activity: literary, artistic, political, naval, military, scientific, sporting and ecclesiastical.

Many of the names which occur throughout the county’s history also strike a chord on the national scene.

Yet the history of the county was also shaped by ordinary men and women who went about their daily lives and business, unknowingly contributing to the distinctive character of Staffordshire’s recorded memory.


Archive Sources

Record of the baptism of Izaak Walton, born in Stafford in 1593 and baptised at St Mary’s parish church in the town.

Letter from Admiral George Anson to Vice Admiral Charles Saunders concerning the best use of naval force either against France or Spain, October 1761.

Subscription List for the Building of the first North Staffordshire Infirmary, 1815

Marriage entry for Charles Darwin and Emma Wedgwood, 29 January 1839

Miss Sparrow’s School at Colwich, 1837. Sepia drawing by Thomas Peploe Wood.

Photograph of a besom maker on Cannock Chase, 1892

Score card for the match between Staffordshire County Cricket Club and the All Indian XI, June 1911

Letter from Alexander Maes, former Belgian refugee, to the vicar of Knutton, 19 February 1931

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