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Staffordshire Moorlands

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Mrs.A. Hodgkins:

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Miss Yeomans, Midwife, Kingsley Holt, c.1980Home and Hospital

Having your baby at home was common until the early 1970s. The midwife assisted the birth together with other members of the family.

Although hospital deliveries became much more usual throughout the 20th century
mothers-to-be were encouraged to stay at home for the birth. A lack of support at home, diagnosed twins or medical problems such as high blood pressure were reasons for a mother having a hospital delivery.


"If you did get a home delivery you found that it was a really nice experience for the patients . . . and for the husbands."

Midwife, Staffordshire Moorlands


Family Friend

Many of the midwives working out in the districts got to know the local area and families extremely well. They built up special relationships with the mothers.

The midwife monitored the mother throughout her pregnancy, provided ante-natal advice, delivered the baby and gave care and support for about ten days after the birth.


"You knew your mums by Christian name, and they knew you by Christian name, and you were a family friend."

Mrs Hodgkins, Midwife, Eccleshall

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