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Sally Beeson
Health Visitor

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Rising Brook Clinic, Stafford, 1960s

Baby Welfare

The basic principle and role of baby clinics has not really altered since they were first established in the early 20th century.

Infant Welfare Clinics were set up to encourage mothers to bring their babies to be weighed and checked. Advice was given about feeding, nursing and caring for babies and toddlers. Clinics also provided food supplements such as National Dried Milk, cod liver oil and orange juice.

Clinics have always been a place for mothers and expectant mothers to get information and advice on health issues, immunisation, problems with feeding or sleeping, or to chat about the progress of their child.


Well Babies

Today Well Baby Clinics, held in health centres and surgeries, still fulfil an important role. They continue to be places for mothers to see the Health Visitor, to get advice and support, to have their baby weighed and checked, and also to meet and chat with other mums.

"Baby clinics are still just as much needed now as they were in the 1900s."

Sally Beeson, Health Visitor, Stafford

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