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What makes a good Health Visitor ?

Mrs.P. Wrennal
Health Visitor

Fat & Firegrates!

Mrs.P. Wrennal
Health Visitor

Clean Dirt & Dirty Dirt

Mrs. Lewis
Health Visitor

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"The anaemic work girl of our towns." Public Health Slide, c.1914

Women from the Welfare

Health visiting has its origins in the late 19th century. Poor living and working conditions, bad nutrition and a high death rate among young children caused concern for the Government and Local Authorities.

In the 1890s women Sanitary Inspectors were appointed to monitor conditions in factories and workshops in Britain's industrial towns.

During the 20th century Health Visiting became a recognised profession playing a vital role in promoting public health across the country.


The Role of the Health Visitor

The welfare of mothers and children and the prevention of illness and disease continues to be a key part of a Health Visitor's work. They also act as a source of information and support for families.

Health Visitors run clinics and make home visits to check a child's health and development. Advice on feeding, nutrition, immunisation and child safety is also available to parents.

"Health visitors are associated with the under fives and that's a role which is very dear to our hearts."

Sally Beeson, Health Visitor, Stafford


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