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Learning Resources

Activities and lesson plans taken from the Their Past Your Future Outreach Kit For use by primary schools looking at unit 11b Life since the 1930’s and life during the Second World War.


The “Their Past Your Future” Outreach Kit has been devised by the Imperial War Museum to commemorate the sixtieth anniversary of the end of the Second World War. The materials in the kit are designed to be used by any age group for both formal and informal learning. The main objectives of the kit are to encourage young people to explore the impact of the Second World War on individuals and places in the UK, and also promote a wide definition of learning, including creativity , enjoyment, and motivation.
The four main themes in the kit are;

  • The impact of the war on individuals and their families.
  • Its impact on the places and landscape of the local area and UK.
  • Its long term impact on UK society.
  • How and why we continue to remember the Second World War.

As part of the "Their Past, Your Future" scheme QLS have also been able to devise more primary based activities from the pack. Using most of the initial outreach kit ideas, the following activities and lesson plans have been adapted to cover the primary history unit
11b Britain Since The 1930’s A study of the Second World War

These activities embrace the outreach kits ethos of learning through creativity, enjoyment and motivation, and do deliver the main Breadth of Study as outlined in the National Curriculum. The activities offer a departure from the more traditional content being taught in this unit of work. However with their strong PSHE links, the activities may also be delivered as part of a cross curricular theme in conjunction with the usual themes being delivered in Primary Schools.

Learning For All

TPYF Learning Outcomes.


  • Learning to learn in more informal social, personal ways
  • Developing skills of critical and ethical thinking

Activity, Behaviour, and Progression

  • Pursuing an interest by visiting museums archives or libraries, or other regional resources.

Enjoyment, Inspiration and Creativity

  • Making lateral connections between own lives and experiences and those of other people who have lived through the Second World War.
  • Learning to express themselves in different creative and enjoyable ways.

Attitudes and Values

  • A personal and emotional engagement with themes presented in the outreach kit.
  • A greater interest and motivation to learn more about the past and its relevance to the present day.

Knowledge and Understanding

  • That peoples experiences of war were individual and personal and had a long term impact upon them.
  • That the war has left physical remains throughout the present day UK
  • That this is the sixtieth anniversary of the end of the Second World War, probably the last official commemoration while veterans are still alive.
  • That the war has helped to shape present day UK society.

Downloadable Documents

Word Document Format Oral Histories 1mb Poerpoint Document Format Commonwealth Black History month presentation 747kb
Word Document Format Time to Remember 549kb Word Document Format The Commonwealth 590kb
Word Document Format Local Study 626kb Word Document Format Legacy of WW2 556kb
Word Document Format Ways to Remember 555kb Word Document Format History Detectives 559kb
Word Document Format Heroes of War 663kb Word Document Format Images of War 546kb
Word Document Format Giving & Receiving 566kb Word Document Format Concept Collage 544kb
Word Document Format Keep in Touch 545kb