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We'll meet again

School/beneficiary details:

QEMS, Tamworth.

Year 9 - all pupils - approximately 220 pupils directly involved.
Indirectly, many other pupils would have benefited from the display resources in the Library. We had a direct liaison with Tamworth library for resources and Tamworth castle for artefacts and information. We had the direct involvement of the wider community through veterans who came into school to speak to the pupils. The main department involved was the History department. There were also links with the Music department.


Our aims were to enhance understanding amongst year 9 pupils of what life was like during World War 2, especially in the local community. It was to help develop the pupil's skills of co-operation and group work, and communication with others. It was also to increase their enjoyment and interest in the subject and to encourage a more active participation through the drama group and drama performance.

Project activities:

A wide range of activities were undertaken. During lesson time, all year 9 students were taught about the Home Front during World War 2. They concentrated on many different aspects, such as the effects of evacuation and rationing. Students who were interviewing the veterans spent time compiling questions and discussing how to record their answers. We then had a year 9 History day in which all of year 9 were off timetable. Veterans visited the school and were interviewed by some students. They discussed aspects of life in World War 2. The library put up a World War 2 display, including books, posters and examples of rationed food. The music department choir sang a selection of World War 2 songs. A drama group visited the school and performed a play about World War 2. They then had a practical session in which pupils could participate and act on stage. The students then used their next History lesson to discuss and write up what they had learnt.


The outcomes were varied. An initial outcome was the interest and enthusiasm, which was generated. The pupils also gained a broader understanding and knowledge of the era of World War 2 through their discussions with school visitors and participation in the drama. It has also given pupils additional confidence in group activities and independent learning. Activities. We have found that in starting our work on World War 2 for GCSE coursework with these pupils - currently in year 10 – that pupils are much more informed and focussed on the tasks.