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Pupils with Burma veterans
Pupils with Burma veterans

Voices from the Past

School Details

The Friary School
Eastern Avenue
Staffs WS13 7EW

Contact: Mrs Chris White

Email address: office@friary.staffs.sch.uk

Details of those involved

Year Group involved: Year 9
Number of students: whole of Yr 9 contributed and 5 boys particularly involved with interviews and were invited to the Burma Star Association’s Christmas lunch.
The whole school will be able to access the website through the school intranet. The wider community, including the veterans, will also be able to do this.
The BSA also wish to add some of their own materials to the site in future.

Aims and objectives

Aims and objectives were for Yr 9, as part of their study of the Second World War, were given the opportunity to empathise with those who experienced the war from different viewpoints. They did this through interviewing and videoing people about these experiences.

Activities – what was done

The wider community became increasingly involved after several veterans came into school and were interviewed. This led to us being honoured with the invitation to the Christmas lunch. Carl Chinn was the guest of honour and he commented in his speech how good it was to have young people learning the stories of these brave men. Several veterans commented that this was an excellent idea to have young people involved with the Association, we seem to have started a new direction for the publicity officer to take in promoting the Association.

Additional information

Pupils who were guests of the BSA grew in confidence, interviewing skills, they felt privileged at their inclusion at the Christmas lunch and have told all their peers at school about their one-off experience.
Other pupils have the satisfaction of seeing their work on-line and that the stories of their family and friends will not be lost.