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The peacetime routine was broken by the outbreak of the South African (or Boer) War in 1899. Reservists were called up, passing through the Barracks on their way to rejoin their former units, and the Militia was also embodied.

By 1st June 1902, peace had been agreed. The most significant event in the years leading up to the Great War was a visit by Field Marshal Earl Roberts KG, who commanded in South Africa and was now Commander-in-Chief. He came on 11th April 1903, inspected troops, and visited the Soldiers' Home, where he met the famous superintendent, Mrs Margaret Allen and her sister Miss A.O. Allen.

The Great War marked the end of an era. Service battalions, raised specially for the war, replaced the Regular garrison, and women in uniform were seen for the first time in the barracks.

The first women in uniform
in the barracks
The first women in uniform at the Barracks image link
The Soldiers' Home viewed from Whittington Heath The soldiers' Home viewed from Whittington Heat image link
1st South Staffords on the road to Bethlehem, Boer War !st Staffords on the road to Bethlehem, Boer War image link
Queen Mary's Army Ambulance Corps Queen Mary's Army Ambulance Corps image link

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