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Memorial statues and buildings
Objects are a way of keeping alive people's memories of the dead and can also be a reminder that one day we will join them. Memorials can range from personal mementos and gravestones, to statues, buildings, customs and rituals.

Triumphal arch, Shugborough Estate image link
Triumphal arch,
Palmers almshouse image link
almshouse, Stafford
Alleynes grammar school,  Uttoxeter image link
Alleyne's Grammar School, Uttoxeter

Statues rarely mark the site of a burial. They are often set up in public places to commemorate the famous. You can see Captain Smith of the Titanic and Dr Johnson in Lichfield, Sir Robert Peel in Tamworth and Sir Stanley Matthews in Hanley.

War memorial, Stone image link
War memorial,
Sidney fountain image link
Sidney fountain,
Marchington War Memorial image link
War memorial,
Hatchments and effigy
Until the 18th century, poor people were buried in unmarked graves. Medieval funeral effigies and memorial brasses were only made for eminent people and were placed in churches, abbeys and cathedrals.

Wolseley Family Hatchment, early 19th century image link
Wolseley family hatchment
Wolseley Family hatchment, early 19th century image link
Wolseley family
Hoar Cross Church effigy image link
Hoar cross effigy
Cemeteries and cremation
Until the 19th century most people were buried in churchyards. The growth in population meant church cemeteries became overcrowded and a health hazard. From the1850s municipal cemeteries were built on the outskirts of towns, Stafford's was opened in 1858. Others followed in Uttoxeter, Hanley, Tunstall and Newcastle-under-Lyme during the 1860s.

Epitaphs image link
  Cemeteries and cremation image link
and cremation

There are many traditions and rituals associated with commemorating the dead. The best known is Armistice Day, when we remember those who died during the World Wars. A more personal custom is the placing of 'in memoriam' notices in local newspaper one year after a person's death.
Peace Medal awarded to Pte. George Ball  image link
Wartime remembrance

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