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Humanists believe in reason and common humanity rather in religion. The focus of a humanist funeral is on the person who has died. The funeral is dignified and warm, honouring and celebrating the life of the deceased.

There are usually personal tributes, poems or music instead of hymns and prayers. Humanists aim to give a sensitive, accurate and personal reflection of the deceased, believing that some standard funeral practices can be impersonal. A humanist officiant will perform the ceremony.
The officiant will visit the bereaved family to discuss what is required. This visit covers practical issues such as timing, choice of music, family contributions and the collection of material with which to write the tribute to the deceased.

At the funeral, the officiant will welcome the mourners and explain why a non-religious ceremony has been chosen. They may reflect on life and death through poetry or readings appropriate to the circumstances of the person who has died.

The main part of the funeral is the tribute to the deceased which is offered either by the officiant or a family member or friend.

For more information on this subject go to : The British Humanist Association
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