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There is growing concern about the effect on the environment of traditional burials and cremations. Burying or cremating wooden coffins can be wasteful and expensive. The glues in chipboard coffins pollute the atmosphere when they are cremated. Materials such as bamboo offer a sustainable and 'green' alternative
Model Coffin
This is a demonstration model of the 'Cocoon' system coffin made by
Celtic Caskets of Tutbury.
Model Coffin image link
Model coffin
The outer wooden coffin contains an inner cardboard coffin. Only the cardboard coffin is cremated. The wooden coffin is reused. This system is less wasteful, reduces pollution and is less expensive than cremating or burying a traditional coffin.

Bamboo Coffin
This coffin is made from bamboo with hemp fibre handles, supplied by Celtic Caskets of Tutbury.

Bamboo  coffin image link
Bamboo coffin
Bamboo is a renewable resource - it grows very quickly. Other renewable or recycled materials used to make coffins include cardboard, papier-mache and willow.

Undertaker's Door
From Fairbanks' of Oulton, near Stone.The names of the undertaker's deceased clients written on this workshop door.
Undertaker's Door image link
Undertakers door

Undertakers door panel image link
Door panel

Coffin furniture
Coffin plaques, handles and rail fittings from a Cheadle undertakers.
Early 20th century.
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Coffin furniture
Funeral order of interment and order of carriage of the funeral of Miss Edge of Pitfield House. Funeral order at the interment of Miss Edge image link
Interment order
Funeral transport
Hearse image link
  Hearse Eastgate street image link
Hearse on Eastgate
Street, Stafford
Funeral Bier image link
Funeral bier

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