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There were certain periods of mourning for relatives depending on who had died and how you were related to them. The table below shows some of the mourning periods that had to be observed and what had to be worn.

First Mourning Second Mourning Ordinary Mourning Half-
Widow for husband 1 year 1 day in bombazine and heavy plain crêpe 9 months with less crêpe 3 months in black silk with ribbon and jet 6 months
minimum in half
mourning colours
(greys & mauves)


Widower for
3 months in black suit, with black tie, buttons & watch chain None 3 months
Mother for
6 months in bombazine
and crêpe
3 months in black silk 3 months in half mourning colours 1 year
Child for parent
Black or white crêpe for
6 months
3 months 3 months 1 year
Wife for her parents 18 months mantle of paramatta and crêpe 3 months 3 months 2 years
Wife for mother-in-law 18 months mantle of paramatta and crêpe 3 months 3 months 2 years
For brother & sister 3 months in crêpe 2 months 1 month 6 months
Niece for Aunt or Uncle None None 3 to 6 months
First cousin None None 3 weeks to
3 months
6 weeks to
3 months
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