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'Sylvia's Home Journal' published a complete list of clothes needed by a widow for the first mourning period, one year and one day.

  • One best dress of Paramatta covered entirely with crape
  • One dress, either a costume of Cyprus crêpe, or an old black dress covered with rainproof crêpe.
  • One Paramatta mantle lined with silk, and deeply
    trimmed with crêpe.
Lady in mourning dress Seighford 1850 image

Lady in mourning dress Seighford 1850

  • One black stuff petticoat
  • Four pairs of black hose, either silk, cashmere or spun silk.
  • Twelve handkerchiefs with black borders, for ordinary use, cambric.
  • No ornaments except jet, for the first year.
  • One bonnet of Rainproof crêpe, with crêpe veil
  • Twelve of finer cambric for better occasions.
  • Twelve collars and cuffs of muslin or lawn, with deep hems, several sets must be provided, say six of each kind.
  • Caps either of lisse, tulle, or tarlatan, shape depending much upon age. Young widows wear chiefly the Marie Stuart shape but all windows' caps have long streamers. A good plan to buy extra streamers and bow.
  • Summer parasol of silk, deeply trimmed with crêpe, almost covered with it but no lace or fringe for the first year. Afterwards mourning fringe might be put on.
  • Muff of Paramatta and trimmed with crêpe.
  • One bonnet of best silk crêpe, with long veil.
  • Furs are not admissible in widow's First mourning, though very dark sealskin and astrakhan can be worn when the dress is changed.


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