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Display image It is often a subject we try to avoid, but death is all around us. Monuments, statues, street names, buildings, and park benches are all used to commemorate people. This exhibition takes a look at the ways in which people have used objects to commemorate death in Staffordshire over the past 200 years. Display image

Death is a traumatic event. Mourning processes have developed as a means of giving death a structure in our lives, and to rally the support of friends and family. Objects are used as a part of this process to help keep alive memories of the dead person.

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Image link to Public Memorials In recent years our responses to death have been increasingly shaped by what we read in newspapers and see on television; minute silences and the laying of flowers at scenes of disasters and accidents have spread over the last 20 years, perhaps inspired by television coverage of Liverpool football fans' reaction to the Hillsborough disaster in 1989.
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Mourning and death are often associated with the Victorians, with their elaborate memorials, Queen Victoria's lengthy grieving over the death of Prince Albert, jet jewellery and black mourning costume.

Buddhist , Christian , Jewish , Muslim , Sikh , and Hindu faiths all deal with the process of death, funerals and mourning in different ways.
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Another recent development is the growth of the 'Natural Death' movement. Ecological concerns and a desire to return to more personal family based funerals has seen the spread of woodland burial sites, biodegradable coffins and personalised memorials.
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