Letters from Samuel Barnett and Co

Letters from Samuel Barnett and Co

Letters from Samuel Barnett and Co, Kings Bromley, tinplate manufacturers, relating to the sourcing of old sable iron, from Russia, 3 May 1796

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The manufacture of tinplate, the coating of iron sheets with tin to protect them from corrosion, began in Staffordshire in the 18th century. A tinplate works was built at Oakamoor by 1777 and the manufacture of tinplate was also established at Kings Bromley by 1796. The Kings Bromley works belonged to Samuel Barnett and Co. Barnett was importing iron from Russia, as the extract from their company letter book shows and was also supplying tinplate to customers all over England.


Kings Bromley, near Lichfield May 3 1796


Messrs Thompson Peters and Co of London have informed us that they have transmitted to you a commission from us to purchase for us 100 tons of Peter Demidoff’s old Sable Iron, but they seem to be uncertain whether you may have it in your power to do so or not & this uncertainty throws a difficulty on us in regard to lastage, we will try if we can prevail with some ship owner at Hull to load that quantity for us should you have procured it when called for without engaging that it shall be ready, & either we or Mr Joseph Wilkinson of Hull to whom it must be consigned will write to you if we succeed by such ship; at all events you will pray purchase so much for us of the fabrick above named if it be not disposed of, or if it be, if such a quantity can be procured without extra cost- In regard to payment you may draw on Messrs Coney Wilson & Co London for the amount at such time after the purchase if made, as you may deem most favourable in the exchange- We are Yours etc
SB & Co

Messrs Thomson Peters Bonar & Co
St Petersburgh

KBromley May 3rd 1796


We have ordered of Messrs Thomson Peters Bonar Co of St Petersburg 100 Tons of Peter Demidoffs old Sable Iron but have not any assurance that they can purchase it- Can any vessel or vessels be procured at Hull to Load it should it be ready & what is the price demanded for freight of Iron- If on these uncertain conditions any owner can be prevailed upon to bring it, it will be proper a Letter should go by the ship & as it is possible there may not be time before such vessel may sail (if to be had) for exchange of Letters with you, we inclose one to them which may be sent or detained according to the want- We sent you 28th April Bills for £288-16-6. I am Yours
SB & Co

Mr Jos. Wilkinson
Merchant, Hull

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