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Rugeley Rumpus Text  George Pannell of Rugeley, alehouse-keeper, is accused here of assaulting his own father and brothers and the vicar of Rugeley, of playing cards and shovel board for ale and money

"and when he hathe lost his money he doth quarrell and fighte with soche as playe with him."

On one occasion the constable was commanded to put him in the stocks,

"but he woulde not obey the Constable or anye other officer, and used moste opprobrious and undecente wordes againste them all so that the said Constable either coulde not or woulde not sett him in the stockes, to the evill example of others. And thereupon he, and his brethren, afterwardes gave out speeches that before he had gone to the stockes there should have been such a day as never was in Rugeley, and that before he had ben to stockes two or three shoulde have ben slayn."

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