Hem Heath colliery (1924-1950). The Duke of Sutherland cut the first sod in July 1924 for this comparatively new pit. Ventilation was a problem and it became difficult to increase output. After nationalised in 1947, it became obvious that the existing shaft arrangements were inadequate if the rich resource were to be fully exploited, so work began in 1950 to restructure the pit to make a virtually new colliery. During modernisation production never stopped.

New Hem Heath ‘the big A’ (1950-1990). This colliery is known as ‘the big A’ because of its distinctive headgear as seen in the photograph. Work began in 1950 on sinking a new shaft, 24 feet in diameter and 1134 yards deep, the third deepest in the country. In 1979 there were 1790 men employed, with an output of 1,001,368 tonnes. It merged with Florence colliery in 1990 to become Trentham superpit.

Colliery Map