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 image of letterESTIMATE from MORRIS & COMPANY, Merton Abbey, Surrey.
12th May 1888

To The Rev.d. Benson Wright

Compton Church,
Leek, Staffordshire.

Dear Sir,

........In describing the order of subjects we propose we will begin with the great West window. This has three main divisions. In the centre group of 6 lights we would put the 6 days of creation, reproduced from the series which Mr. Burne-Jones exhibited in the Grosvenor Gallery some years ago. In the group of 4 lights, to the right and left, we would place to the South figures of Moses and Elias with pictures of the passing of the Red Sea and the Jordan on either side. This group would be answered on the North side by the Baptism in the Jordan and the entry into Jerusalem, thus giving to the two pictures to the left the significance of the entry into the Church and the entry into Paradise. The figures representing these interpretations are St. John the Baptist and St. Paul. The tracery spaces are too small for figures or pictures, they would be filled where possible with angelic demi-figures representing stars as part of the creation subject "The morning stars sang together". The cost of this window we estimate as £.958 - nine hundred and fifty eight pounds.......


© (Staffordshire record Office D4855/5/34A)

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