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Click to view larger imageMemorandum. March 17th 1729.

That the loft in the church of Gnosall by the pulpit was by the minister and church-wardens appointed for the use of certain persons to sing psalms there. That it was fitted for that use at the expense of Thomas Fowke, John Stevenson, John Hicken, John Collier, William Collier, Thomas Ward, William Adderley, John Chilton, Humphrey Bayley, Thomas Sutton, Nathaniel Sutton, William Bromley, William Venables, John Parkes, John Lees, Adden Ashton, Richard Bernard, and William Reynolds; and that they are to enjoy the said loft during their continuance to sing psalms and to demean themselves well. That the expense in fitting the said loft for that purpose did amount to the sum of one pound and sixteen shillings.

That four pence a year shall be allowed by every one of the above-named persons for his sitting in the said loft till the said sum of one pound and sixteen shillings shall be discharged.

That if any one of those persons, who are appointed to sit there, shall leave his place, another person, who can sing psalms, shall be nominated by the minister and church-wardens of Gnosall to succeed him; and that he who is nominated to succeed him shall pay to him, that resigns his place or sitting, the eighteenth part of that which shall then be unpaid of the one pound and sixteen shillings.

[Signed] Abraham Peacock

This was approved by the Bishop and Mr. Rider.

Robert Reynolds and John Adderley were elected into the places of William Reynolds and John Lees by the minister and church-wardens.

Daniel Dean was elected into the place of ...Collier by the minister and church-wardens. June 23, 1734.

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