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Staffordshire is a county of contrasts. The beauty of its rural hinterland is belied by the legacy of its industrial past. The county's diversity is equally manifested in its churches; from Norman glory at Tutbury to pure 17th century classical at Ingestre to luxuriant Gothic revival at Hoar Cross.

This exhibition can illustrate only a handful of Staffordshire's many churches. Some will be more familiar than others, for there are many smaller ecclesiastical gems in the county. However large or small however, the church will have stood at the centre of the life of its community, in some cases for a thousand years.

The Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent Archive Service plays an essential role in preserving the documentary heritage of Staffordshire. Its role is to locate collect and preserve archive collections relating to past and present life in the county and to make these collections available for use by the public. As part of this role, it is responsible for the care and preservation of the archives of the Diocese of Lichfield and the historic records of the majority of Staffordshire's Anglican churches. The Archive Service also holds a number of collections of major families in the county, many of whom were directly involved in either the building or the restoration of their local churches.

This exhibition draws on sources within the collections held by the Archive Service and the William Salt Library, which is run in close conjunction with the Archive Service.

The images within this exhibition are made available for private study and educational use only. Any other use or reuse of these resources is prohibited. For further information you should contact

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