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This exhibition is based on the memories and experiences of women who have worked, or are still working, in Staffordshire as Midwives, Health Visitors and School Nurses.

Infant Welfare ClinicThese women represent some of those who were responsible for the health and welfare of mothers, babies and children across the county.

In the villages and rural areas of Staffordshire an individual would often hold the combined post of Midwife, Health Visitor and District Nurse. This work often included the duties of School Nurse as well. Such a wide range of duties allowed them to build close links with the communities in which they worked. The local Midwife or Health Visitor was known by everyone and often became a family friend.

The individual experiences and memories in "Birth Rights" span the last 60 years. The one thing that they have in common is dedication. All those who have taken part love the jobs they did and had a love of the families and children they worked with.

"It's hard work. It's a dedication really. It was my whole life, you know and bringing new life . . . I loved every minute of it." Mrs. Hodgkins, Midwife, Eccleshall

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