Staffordshire at Sea

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Order for providing forces to defend the Queen’s ships at Chatham in the event of a surprise attack by the Spanish fleet, 28 March 1585

Existing hostilities between the English and the Spanish began to escalate in 1585. This is an example of an order arranging for the mustering of troops at Upnor and Chatham, and it lists the number of men to be provided from each hundred (a sub-division of the county) of the adjoining area. The order also gives instructions about the firing of beacons to warn people of the area in the event of an attack.

(© Staffordshire Record Office: D593/S/4/25/1)

Admiral George Anson (1697-1762) Sir John Leveson (1555-1615) George Legge, Baron Dartmouth (c1647-1691) Richard Drakeford (c1709-1757) John Jervis, Earl St. Vincent (1735-1823) Introduction