Staffordshire at Sea

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List of possible landing places in Kent, with a note of the bands of men allocated to defend each of them, 11 July 1588

The Spanish Armada arrived within sight of the English coastline in late July 1588. This document shows an example of the operational plans that had been drawn up at a local level to counter any attack. It gives five places of possible landing; the number of men in each trained and untrained band; and the names of the captains; and the names of those Captains’ superior officers. It also lists the bands that are to assemble at Canterbury to act as reserves in the event of an invasion, and gives a list of places to which bands could retreat.

It is noted that Sir John Norris and the Deputy Lieutenants of Kent agreed these arrangements at Rochester, 11 July 1588.

(© Staffordshire Record Office: D593/S/4/19/3)

Admiral George Anson (1697-1762) Sir John Leveson (1555-1615) George Legge, Baron Dartmouth (c1647-1691) Richard Drakeford (c1709-1757) John Jervis, Earl St. Vincent (1735-1823) Introduction