Staffordshire at Sea

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Letter from Captain Robert Harland to Anson, 2 March 1747/8, giving an account of the engagement between the Nottingham and Portland with the Magnanime French ship of war.

On 31st January 1748, Harland in the Nottingham and Captain Charles Stevens in the Portland captured the French ship Magnanime. The French ship had just returned from escorting a convoy to San Domingo and it was ordered to sail to the East Indies. It was partly de-masted in a gale soon after leaving Brest and it was returning for a refit when sighted by Admiral Hawke’s fleet off Ushant. The Magnanime was captured and purchased for the Royal Navy.

(© Staffordshire Record Office: D615/P(S)/1/10/12A)

Admiral George Anson (1697-1762) Sir John Leveson (1555-1615) George Legge, Baron Dartmouth (c1647-1691) Richard Drakeford (c1709-1757) John Jervis, Earl St. Vincent (1735-1823) Introduction