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Regd DD No 870
Name George Wright
Age 40 years
Address Stowe Street, Lichfield
Trade Labourer
Native of Lichfield
Parents name and address Henry Wright, George Lane, Lichfield
Wife or husbands parents names and address Mary Wright, Stowe Street, Lichfield
Address of relatives & habitual associates Father in law George Wright, associates Arthur Mynard, John Russell Reg No 875, George Wheeler Reg No 3988, George Morris Reg No 872, John Wright Reg No 871, Alfred Cox Reg No 873, William Wakelin Reg No 874, Arthur Pitts Reg No 876 all of Lichfield & Amos Riley Reg no 982, Handsacre
Offence Assaulting police
Section Handsacre
Date & place of conviction or committal 1st Dec 1879, Rugeley Petty Sessions
Decision Committed, 4 months H[ard] L[abour]
Officer engaged P.C. John Spendlove, Handsacre
Remarks and places of convictions elsewhere
11th Dec 1869 Assault, £1 + costs
28th May 1870 Using threats, bound over to keep the peace
15th Feb 1874 Night poaching, 3 months
8th Sep 1874 Assault on female, 3 months
4th Nov 1875 Drunkenness, 3s + costs
9th Nov 1875 Poaching Prevention Act, £2 + costs
20th Sep 1877 Keeping a dog without a licence, fined 25s
29th Nov 1877 Stealing growing osiers, fined 20s + costs
4th Apr 1878 Assault, fined 10s + costs
6th Jul 1878 Poaching Prevention Act 1862, fined £3 + costs & committed for 2 months in default
20th Feb 1879 Public annoyance, fined 5s 6d + costs
Case description 40, 5ft 3, slender build, fresh complexion, blue eyes, dark hair, cut corner of right eye, long cut centre of forehead, mole between breasts

Regd DD no 870

Name John Russell
Age 40 years
Address Rotten Street, Lichfield
Trade Bricklayer
Native of Lichfield
Parents names & address Joseph Russell Greenhill, Lichfield
Wife or husbands parents names & address John Pickering, Rotten Row, Lichfield
Address of relatives & habitual associates William, Thomas, Joseph & George Russell, brothers, Lichfield. Associates George Morris DD872, George Wheeler DD3988, George Wright DD870, John Wright DD871, Alfred Cox DD873, William Wakelin DD874, Arthur Potts DD876 all of Lichfield. Amos Riley DD982 Handsacre
Section Handsacre
Offence Assaulting police
Date & place of conviction or committal 1st Dec 1879 Rugeley Magistrates
Decision Committed 4 months Hard Labour
Officer engaged P.C. John Spendlove, Handsacre
Remarks & particulars of Convictions elsewhere
2nd May 1867 Trespass in search of game, fined £5 + costs
27th Sep 1865 Game trespass, fined 20s + costs
22nd Apr 1866 Night poaching, fined £5 + costs
2nd May 1867 Offence against Bye laws, fined 6d + costs
4th Feb 1869 Cruelty to animals, dog fighting, £1 + costs
4th Mar 1869 Disorderly in alehouse, £5 + costs
16th Jun 1869 Assault, committed 2 months
23rd Sep 1869 Poaching prevention Act, fined £5
23rd May 1872 Assault, fined 2s6d + costs
5th Dec 1872 Fighting, fined 5s + costs
6th Oct 1873 Poaching prevention Act, fined £2 + costs
9th Oct 1873 Using threats. Bound over to keep the
3rd Mar 1875 Game trespass, fined 12s6d + costs
25th Mar 1875 Drunk & riotous, fined 5s + costs
18th Oct 1875 Poaching prevention Act, fined 30s + costs

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Staffordshire Record Office: D3243/10/1