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Objections To Further Powers Being Granted To The Trent And Mersey Canal Company


OBJECTIONS to a BILL, depending in Parliament, for giving further Powers to the COMPANY of PROPRIETORS of the CANAL, from the Trent to the Mersey.

In the 10th of William the Third, the then Lord Paget obtained an Act to make the River Trent navigable, from Wilden ferry to the Town of Burton.

In 1766, an Act passed for making a Canal, by a Company of Proprietors, from Wilden Ferry to the River Mersey; which, for 16 Miles, runs parallel, at a small Distance, to the River Trent.

It being represented, at the Time of passing the Act, on the Part of the late Earl of Uxbridge, the then Proprietor of the River Navigation, that if the proposed Canal was to be supplyed with Water from the River Trent, the Navigation, Millsand other works thereon, would be greatly injured, if not totally ruined; and therefore it was expressly provided, by the said Act, that no Water should be taken out of the Trent for that Purpose, and it was at that Time intended, by the Company of Proprietors, that the Canal should be carried over the River by an Aqueduct.

Since the passing the said Act, the Company of Proprietors, in direct Opposition to the above Proviso, have thought fit, to bring their Canal into the Trent at a place called Alrewas, go down the River above a Mile, and then take all the water which supplies their Canal down to Wilden Ferry, which is 23 Miles, out of the Trent at Whichnor.

A Bill is now depending, and has passed the Committee, one of the Objects of which is, to ratify and authorize the Continuance of this violation of the above Act of Parliament.

The Company of Proprietors do not so much as pretend that, it was necessary for them thus to break through or deviate from the Law; but only that, it was more Convenient, as it would save them the Expence of 2 or 300£.

Lord Paget, the present Owner of the Trent Navigation, conceives that, this conduct of the Company of Proprietors will be highly injurious, if not absolutely ruinous to his Navigation, Mills and other Works upon the Trent; and submits to the Wisdom and Justice of Parliament, that, the Convenience alledged is by no means a Sufficient Reason for ratifying their Violation of the Law, and depriving him of that Security for his Property, which the Legislative Power has expressly given him. And therefore hopes that, such clause of Ratification in the Bill depending, may not pass into a Law.

STaffordshire Record Office D603/N/6/6