A Millennium in the Archives of the Staffordshire and Stoke-On-Trent Archive Service

Parish Register For Thorpe Constantine, 1539-1812

Itemised transcription of the first page of the register

Abbreviations used, C Christening/baptism, M marriage, B burial.

The dates used indicate the Old Style usage of the period (when the year ended on March 24) and have been updated to show the modern date as well.

B       1539/40 Feb 20      Joane Speare wife of John        
B       1540 Sep 28          Thomas Smart
B       1542 Jun 3             Sybell Fawpennie wife of Thomas
B       1542/43 Jan 13       Martha Smyth
B       1543 May 8           Margery Smyth
B       1543 Aug 9            Thomas Fawpennie
C        1544 Nov 30        Nicholas Meeke son of Richard Meeke of Ashorp
C        1544 Dec 10        Joane Speyre daughter of John
B        1544 Dec 24         the same Joane
C        1545 Aug 7          Thomas Swinfeild son of Robert
C        1545 Jul 7            Joane Allen daughter of Thomas
C        1546 May 28        Mary Bennet Speyre daughter of John
C        1546/47 Mar 6      Thomas Allen son of Thomas
M       1547 Oct 31         Thomas Mey to Joane Rois
C        1547 Jun 3           Thomas Spare son of John
C        1547/48 Feb 15    Agnes Allen daughter of Thomas
C        1548/49 Feb 25    Isabell Spare daughter of John
B        1548/49 Mar 23    Joane Mey wife of John
M       1549 Jun 10          Agnes Spare daughter of William Spare to Edward Chevenall
C        1549 Dec 12        Richard Swynfen
C        1549/50 Feb 28    Joane Puleston daughter of Thomas
B        1550 Aug 3          Joane Puleston daughter of Thomas
M       1550/51 Feb 18    Edward Heyward to Agnes Smart

B        1551 May 8 Christian Meeke wife of Richard