A Millennium in the Archives of the Staffordshire and Stoke-On-Trent Archive Service

Accounts Of The Stafford Town Bailiffs 1411-1412

Tabulated paraphrase

The columns in the accounts here list the monthly income, principally from tolls and fines, running from October 1411

Month 1       tolls 21s, pleas and perquisites 4s 8d             [25s 8d]
Month 2       tolls 23s, pleas and perquisites 5s 11d           [28s 11d]
Month 3       tolls 18s, pleas and perquisites 6s 3d             [24s 3d]
Month 4       tolls 9s 2d, pleas and perquisites 10s             [19s 2d]
Month 5       tolls 15s, pleas and perquisites 6s 10d           [21s 10d]
Month 6       tolls 12s, pleas and perquisites 6s 6d             [18s 6d]
Month 7       tolls 13s, pleas and perquisites 8s 6d             [21s 6d]
Month 8       tolls 8s, pleas and perquisites 6s 8d              [14s 8d]
Month 9       tolls 7s 9d, pleas and perquisites 7s 10d        [15s 7d]
Month 10     tolls 3s 6d, pleas and perquisites 10s 8d        [14s 2d]
Month 11     tolls 5s 2d, pleas and perquisites 8s              [13s 2d]
Month 12     tolls 10s 2d, pleas and perquisites 8s 9d        [18s 11d]
Month 13     tolls 10s, pleas and perquisites 6s 2d             [16s 2d]

Underneath this section are a series of receipts from individual fairs during the year, and also fines from particular types of trader

St Cross [3 May]                      6s 4d
Sts Peter and Paul [29 June]      26s 8d
St Matthew  [21 September]      53s 4d

Great Court held at Easter         £8 1s 9d

Whole year fines from ale house licences      9s 1d
                                       Brewers              14s 8 ½ d
                                      Butchers               3s 4d
                                      Fishmongers         7s
                             Non-burgesses trading    16s 5d