A Millennium in the Archives of the Staffordshire and Stoke-On-Trent Archive Service

Rental Of Properties Of The Wolseley Estates 1479


Tipton    [Tybbynton]

Lord of Wednesbury pays each year                                4s
Cornelius Wyrley pays                                                    8s
John Lynde pays                                                             4s
W. Holn pays for a close at Sedgley                                1s 8d
John Harrolde pays for a close called Pope Hayes            13s 4d
Henry Wynge pays for a close called Russell Feldys         20s
William Jannes of Penn                                                    2s
Payments going out                                                         nil

Bramshall    [Bromshulf]

Richard Porter, farmer of Bramshall pays each year £7
William Woode for messuage and lands                           20s
Payments going out                                                         8d

Little Haywood      [Haywode Parva]

Two parcels of meadow in le Hem, occupied by Thomas Colwich, paying each year  3s                                                                           
William Meke for capital messuage, land and farm            53s 4d
Agnes Buttre, widow for tenement and lands                    18s
Ralph Buttre for lands, meadow and croft                        18s
Thomas Colwych for meadow in le Heme                        3s
John Ronkhorne for lands in the fields there                     12d
John Plymouth for lands in the fields of Great and Little Haywood
John Basset for lands in the fields of Great Haywood and meadow in the same  4d                                                                                  
The same John for lands, pasture and meadow (previously Roger Okys) in Little Haywood  18d                                                                
Tenement and meadow, formerly John Tebbes                 6s 8d
Lord’s lands in my hands                                                          26s 8d
Payments going out to the bishop and to Lord Ferrers      18d


A meadow, formerly Simon Smyth’s, paying each year     3s 4d
William Mylner for a tenement and lands                          20s
J. Smyth for a tenement and lands                                  26s 8d
Tenement and lands, formerly Thomas Lytilton’s             8s
Payments going out to Richard Bagot, and John Gresley, and William Mytton 12d, 12d                                                                           

Bishton    [Byssheton]

Robert Bysshton for lands each year                                5s
John Baker for lands                                                        2s 6d
William Walker for tenement and lands                             15s 6d
Tenement and land, formerly John Aleyn’s                       14s