A Millennium in the Archives of the Staffordshire and Stoke-On-Trent Archive Service

Declared Account Of Humfrey Cotes, Receiver Of The Earl Of Stafford



The declaracion of thaccompt of Humfrey Cotes receyvor there in the yere ending att Michelmes the xxviith yere of Kyng Herry the vith

Summa totalis of thaccompt of the seide receyvor aswell of tharrerages of his laste accompt as of thissues of this yere [the sums interlined for arrears are £97 2s 9 3/4 d, last account £343 3s 9 ¼ d and issues this year £246 1s 0 ¼ d]


Whereof is paied in fees and wages and annuities granted to divers persones as it appered by thaccompt     [£91 3s 4d]

And in money paied for medowes boght with the costes of the making and carriage of hey to the Castell for my lordes horses there as it appereth by the saide accompt     [£7 19s 5d]

And in money paied for lyter and otes boght for the seid horses [£9 19s 10d]

Also paied for Stone remowynges with other divers medicyns and necessaries boght and done to the said horses as it appereth by the said accompt    [£1 4s 1d]

And in wages of divers yomen and gromes being ther for the kepyng and drawyng of the seid horses with the salarie of William Hillary as it appereth by the saide accompt     [£6 4s 4d]

And in divers foreyn expenses and costes don there this yere as it apperet by thaccompt   [£1 11s 0d]

And in money delivered to the handes of Syre Willyam ore upon divers payements by hym to be made to divers werkemen in my lordes werkes upon the chirche of Staff[ord] by bille endented     [£37 6s 8d]

And in money respited for divers payementys and foreyn expenses by hym done this yere not allowed for defaute of a warrant as it appereth by the saide accompt      [£13 16s 10d]

And in money respited of the rent of Dunston and Bradeley for this yere as it appereth be the saide accompt      [9s 11 ½ d]

And in money sett upon Roger Aston for a tenement in Lichefeld as it appereth by thaccompt [£1]

And in money set upon my lorde of Warr[wick] for divers tenements in Walshale as it appereth by the said accompt  [£4 10s 8d]


Summa of all thallowaunce abovesaid is        [£175 6s 1 ½ d]

And so the seid receyvor oweth                    [£167 17s 7 ¾ d]


Whereof is abated by a warrant of his surplusage of his last accompt of the howshold   [£47]

And so the seid receyvor oweth [£120 17s 7 ¾ d]