A Millennium in the Archives of the Staffordshire and Stoke-On-Trent Archive Service

Extract From Hugh Stanfordís Account, 1398-1399

Precis, Translation

Account of Hugh Stanford, receiver for the period from Michaelmas 23 Richard II to Michaelmas 1 Henry IV [ 29 September 1398 to 29 September 1399].

£7 0s 4 ½d from the previous year’s account

£65 12s 9d received from Hugh Stanford collector for the year in two instalments

Stafford manor
£16 10s 4d received from this accounting bailiff for the year

Forebridge [Forbrigge]
£5 7s 1d received from John Clercson bailiff, damages adjudicated at 20 shillings

£20 15s 7 ½d  received from this accounting bailiff for the year

Norton in the Moors [Norton in les moores]
£18 received from John Lovet bailiff for two tolls/taxes in this year, also 49s 2 ½d  for another. Total £20 9s 2 ½d.

Sum total of receipts £135 15s 4 ½ d